High Energy Biodynamic Structured Water

High Energy Biodynamic Structured Water is what we call water that resets, re-balances and restores itself. When water travels through a vortex it creates motion, speed, rotation, electricity, magnetism and alignment.
In the past water was thought to be just a simple molecule but now we know it has more than 70 anomalous properties.

The Magic Of A Vortex:
Flowing water will spiral with a vortex motion that is encountered as a pattern throughout nature. This motion will enhance its aliveness, and it has long been incorporated into flow forms where water is swirled in circular patterns.

Biodynamic agriculture, recommends a technique that involves stirring water and regularly reversing the direction of motion. Achieving a brief 'chaotic' state between the two rotation directions. When doing this, water has been observed to become more viscous and slippery and easier to stir.

Structuring Water:
The H2O water naturally clusters into groups of 14, 280, or more molecules. The 280 molecule structure is a masterpiece of three dimensional geometry that can explain all of water's anomalies. Structured Water displaces minerals in colloidal form which cleans out the inside of pipes it flows through. Viewed under a high-powered microscope, this water has been seen to adopt hexagonal forms. Compared to regular water, it is more viscous, denser, and has a 10% higher refractive index.

Our water structurer has no moving parts so it will never wear out. The water itself is the moving part.

Biological Implications:
Structured water surrounds and stabilizes healthy DNA and has a predominantly negative charge that boosts our health. Structured water has a silkier texture and enhances the body's uptake of minerals, supplements and medications. This is because of a reduction in surface tension that makes structured water 'wetter', and better for hydrating due to its greater ability to penetrate cell membranes. An important source for human intake is the structured water naturally occurring within raw fruits and vegetables.

The Effects of Magnetism:
In the agriculture sector using magnets to create Structured water has resulted in increased growth and yield, together with a corresponding reduction in water and plant food requirements. With structured water, crops require about 30 to 60 percent less water. It also reduces surface tension so plant food is better absorbed. Water will structure itself if given the opportunity. It will use vortices to transform energy accumulators in nature. A vortex will increase the vibrational state of waters electromagnetic frequency and it will restore the natural energy patterns to water that has been corrupted. Vortex flow in our water structuring device corrects all forms of pollution. It does this by transforming the electromagnetic field and that brings it back to its natural healthy state. Structured water helps to speed up the growth of plants, extending the blossoming time while simultaneously making them stronger and more resilient to pests and weather fluctuations. In hard water areas it removes existing scale deposits and inhibits their formation. Water treated with the north pole facing inwards creates a counter-clockwise electron spin and is ideal for fast plant growth, while south pole water, with its clockwise electron spin, is good for produce yield and flavor. We use both.

One of the most important elements for the creation of full-spectrum, living water is movement. Water loves to dance; when water is allowed her freedom, she naturally spins. Water uses movement (vortices) to gather and to organize energy.
The spin of a vortex produces powerful forces. Vortices cause molecules to become so organized that they are tightly compressed. They help to create a greater degree of molecular structure in water causing molecules to organize into their most energy efficient geometry. In this form, water is capable of storing energy and information. Vortices have the capacity to energize and to structure their contents. Understanding and using the power of the vortex can significantly enhance the quality of your water.

High Energy Biodynamic Structured Water

Precision agriculture (precision ag - precision farming) is said to be everything that makes the practice of farming more accurate and controlled when it comes to the growing of crops and raising livestock. Precision agronomics is another important term related to the combining of methodology with technology. It provides more accurate farming techniques for planting and growing crops. Precision agronomics can involve Biodynamic farming, including using Structured Water or what we sometimes call Grow Water and Flyaway Birdies which create a sonic net over the specific crop that you want to eliminate bird damage from.